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Welcome to Patient Gowns from Dignity Giving Gowns And Suits - DGS

Welcome to Patient Gowns from Dignity Giving Gowns And Suits - DGS

Welcome to Patient Gowns from Dignity Giving Gowns And Suits - DGSWelcome to Patient Gowns from Dignity Giving Gowns And Suits - DGS

Buy your own DGS for your child requiring health treatment

  A child entering hospital has not only a potentially frightening environment, sleeping in a strange bed away from their normal routine but also has to then put on the open backed gown which is alien to them, especially boys who are not used to wearing 'dresses'. Purchase your own DGS gown/pyjamas that you can introduce your child to, prior to hospital, which they can sleep in, have the relevant treatment in including theatre, and recovery. Great for casts, changing dressings and all aftercare.



Buy your own DGS patient gown or suit for entering hospital


We all remember if we have been in hospital the discomfort we felt at wearing an open backed gown. Well now you dont have to! Choose your own gown and be comfortable in the knowledge that no matter which part of the hospital you are in you are covered and dignified.  Perfect for:- Breast Treatments,

The Elderly, Hospice Care, Care Homes, Attending Consultant Appointments, Theatre Operations, or Maternity.

Patient Gowns For All Clinical Environments

Patient Gowns For Adults

Patient Hospital Gowns

Patient Gowns Ideal for All Hospital Departments, Including Breast Care, A & E, Xray/MRI, Theatres, and Geriatric. Along with Care Homes, Hospices and Clinics.

Paediatric Patient Gowns

Paediatric Hospital Patient Gowns

Children's Patient Gowns for all Hospital Departments, Including MRI/XRay, Theatres and A & E. Along with Care Homes, Hospices and Clinics

Designed And Tested For All


Ask clinicians about the current open backed patient gown and they will tell you that their patients are uncomfortable walking around the wards due to the lack of coverage. This is not helpful with recuperation when patients are encouraged to move around.  

Clinicians and technical staff alike are finding the design of the  Dignity Giving Range of patient clothing conducive to their procedures and all commented on the practicality of preserving the patient’s  dignity during examination and surgical procedures. As there is no metal or plastic poppers used on the DGS they are ideal for MRI and Xray imaging. 


Ask any patient of their worst  memory of life on the ward and they will undoubtedly  tell of how the  open backed gown left them feeling vulnerable, cold and without  dignity. Often this has been resolved by wearing another gown over the back of them. They find that the ties on the back are hard to fasten particularly for elderly patients and are often missing or knotted. 

Feedback from patients has been overwhelming, they feel in control as the DGS are easy to put on and are warm and comfortable to sleep in. They felt happier being able to move around the ward independently and without feeling exposed. They also reported feeling less stressed.


Ask surgeons and theatre staff about the current patient gown and they will tell you that they are impractical, often need to be cut or removed completely to gain access to the patient. They have reported patients refusing to wear the open backed gown.

Theatre teams are commenting on the ease of preparing a patient for theatre using the DGS especially with the young patients refusing to wear the open backed gown. As there is no metal poppers used on the DGS they are ideal for theatre use. Surgeons can access the patient without the need to remove or cut the gown and are happier that the patient is covered 

Ideal for all Clinical Environments

Suitable For All Areas of Hospitals

Suitable for MRI, Xrays & Theatre Use

Ease of access to patient for lines, leads, drains, drips and catheters

Commercially Laundered at high temperatures to pass thermal disinfection

Listed on the CCS Linen & Laundry Framework and on the NHS Supply Chain

In Use in hospitals across the UK from 2013

Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt and DGS

Introducing the Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, Former Secretary Of State For Health and Social Care to the Dignity Giving Range

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