Patient Gowns For Adults and Children


DGS go into the NHS Supply Chain Catalogue -January 2018

DGS choose Specialised Canvas Services for Manufacture - August 2017

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Award Received - September 2015

Nick Brown Expert

Congratulations to Dignity Giving Suits who are my Small Business Of The Week.

They  are a Midlands based business with a great idea which is basically to  try and give hospital patients more dignity in what they wear. The suit  was designed in response to the ever growing demand by patients and  healthcare practitioners to replace the backless gown with something  that people can feel comfortable and safe wearing. Working with specific  requirements demanded by staff and patients at Birmingham Children's  Hospital the design team at Dignity Giving Suits produced a garment that  ensured the dignity of all patients both on ward and in surgery while  affording surgeons and healthcare professionals segmented access to all  areas of the body. It is a super small business idea with big potential.

Introduced DGS To NHS England and Dept Of Health

Press Coverage

May 2013 - First Order of DGS dispatched

March 2013 - Press Launch

28th February 2013 - Launch Of DGS


On the 28th of February the Dignity Giving Suit was showcased in its  very own fashion parade in Birmingham Many of the children who took part  in the fashion show on the were themselves patients at Birmingham  Children’s Hospital and through their positive attitude to the new range  and the casual yet functional focus the design has adopted, many in the  audience were surprised to learn that the models were patients.

Head  nurses and facilities management from many of the UK's leading  children's hospitals were at the event and all gave the suit the 'thumbs  up' and told us that this was just what was needed in modern hospitals not just for staff who will be greatly helped by the suits unique design but by the children who are all sick and tired of the current backless  and undignified hospital gown.