Patient Gowns For Adults and Children


DGS have received many glowing testimonials below are a few

“It’s really important for children to feel comfortable and have their dignity maintained. These are just amazing, I love them“

Professor Janice Stevens, Health Education England

I have recently had a conscious procedure wearing your Gown I felt covered and relaxed while the surgeon operated. The hospital staff were asking about the Gown as they said it was fantastic 

– Carol Newnham, patient Darenth Hospital

I believe through my own experience, people that I’ve spoken to, and those that already have these suits, feel that they would help children feel more comfortable and dignified in such difficult circumstances, which can only go on to making them feel better and help with the progress of becoming well again at the same time giving them one less thing to worry about, however old we all want our dignity and comfort.

– Claire Quince, former patient Addenbrookes

Using the dignity suit with our young person has taught him to match the Velcro strips and assisted in teaching him the concept of dressing.  He found the look of the suit interesting as we had picked material that he would like i.e. cars/trains.  By using the suit over a period of time and with full support from his staff team he has learnt the concept of dressing however this has taken several months of day to day therapy. I am pleased to say that he is now tolerating other clothing.

- Anita Smart, Director, Alderwood, Living and Learning with Autism

I am more than grateful to Dignity giving suits for the opportunity to wear the DGS during my stay and op at the Hallamshire last July. DGS allowed discreet accessibility to the many tubes, pipes and catheters, with the least invasion or disruption to my privacy and well being

– Pat Ward former patient Hallamshire Hospital

A MUM whose 11-year-old daughter died from a rare illness is raising funds to buy special suits to help other child intensive care patients keep their dignity. Farah Ali was so grateful for taking part in a trial of the suits when her daughter Hafsah was desperately ill in a hospital bed that she wants to raise money so other families can benefit from them. The dignity suits mean that patients can stay covered at all times which Mrs Ali said was particularly important for her as a parent. Mrs Ali said: "The suits are still a new idea and are being tried out by some hospitals including Leeds but I think every hospital's ICU should use them, for adults as well. "Keeping dignity is so important for patients and for their families. They are so much better than the old-type backless gowns." 

Taken from an article written by Kathie Griffiths in the Telegraph and Argus, dated 21 March 20