Patient Gowns For Adults and Children

Clinical Environments


  • Ward teams and aftercare professionals are finding that the Dignity  Giving Range is assisting greatly in the treatment of bed bound patients  as its innovative design allows for attachment and removal of the  garment in the supine position.
  • Due to the innovative hook and loop fastening system the Dignity  Giving Range was designed to be safe and invisible when being used  during XRays, CT and MRI technologies

  Patient dignity has been a fundamental consideration in the  development of the Dignity Giving Gowns & Suits. We have developed  the two piece pyjama style suit to be recognisable to the patient so  they do not feel out of place while wearing DGS.  

  • Total coverage of patient to ensure dignity at all times. We ensured  that as much of the patient is covered without compromising the  garments clinical utility so the patient feels comfortable and is  encouraged to be active both before and after procedures.
  • Recognisable design and easy to put on/remove. We extended this  design ethos to our Dignity Giving Gowns by designing a wrap over  fronted gown eliminating the rear opening feature suffered by  traditional gown wearers, innovative hook and loop fastenings ensure  that as with the suit complete patient accessibility is achievable if  required.
  • Encourages patient movement for postoperative recovery. Many  patients expressed their dislike of the traditional patient gown and are  very pleased that they can now attend hospital without the worry of  exposure that the traditional open backed gown brings.


  • The Dignity Giving Range is being used in surgical environments,  allowing surgeons to access only the part of the body required without  exposing the rest of the patient, keeping the patient covered before and  during procedures to assist in the avoidance of perioperative  hyperthermia.
  • Drips, drains, lines, feeding tubes and catheters can all be  attached to the patient via openings in the Dignity Giving Gowns and  Suits, eliminating the need for the patient to be exposed, which not  only helps the patient’s dignity and independence, but assists in  recuperation post operatively.