Patient Gowns For Adults and Children

About Dignity Giving Gowns And Suits

DGS are an innovative and patient focused replacement to Hospital Gowns.

 Developed in collaboration with healthcare practitioners, theatre teams, technical imaging specialists and patients to ensure that they deliver the best possible functionality at all stages of care and actively covers the patient ensuring comfort and dignity at all times.

Designed to allow the attachment of drips, drains, lines, feeding tubes and catheters to the patient via openings in the Dignity Giving Gowns & Suits.

Medical examinations can be performed by only opening the required sections of the Dignity Giving Gowns & Suits, eliminating the need for the patient to be unnecessarily exposed, this not only helps the patient’s dignity and independence, but assists in dignified recuperation post operatively.

During the extensive clinical trials, clinicians and technical staff alike found the design of the Dignity Giving Gowns & Suits conducive to their procedures and all commented on the practicality of preserving the patient’s dignity during examination and surgical procedures.

Patients who took part in the trials were so comfortable in the Dignity Giving Gowns & Suits that they did not want to take them off. All reported that they felt happier being able to move around the ward independently and without feeling exposed.